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Furnace Repair Services

Superior Air Services Guarantees Reliable & Fast Tulsa Furnace Repair Technicians

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Our Tulsa furnace repair technicians at Superior Air Services are available and ready to help you with inspections and repairs all year long. Taking preemptive care of small problems will prevent severe problems with your home’s heating system later on down the road. Superior Air Service technicians do not advise ignoring issues with your home’s heating system as these problems will only worsen over time, leading to a more expensive repair leaving you caught at the worst time – when it’s freezing outside.

Reliable and Fast

Superior Air is known for its speedy response times and flexible scheduling, limiting client inconveniences and leaving smiles on faces. Our team of top-notch technicians carry themselves with the utmost professionalism, instilling confidence and trust in all of our HVAC clients. We make heating & furnace system clients for life.


Emergency Furnace Repair Services

Do you have a furnace emergency? You should first call Superior Air Services because we solve all furnace-related emergencies swiftly and restore normalcy to your daily life. Our clients enjoy the best service and equipment warranties on the market, so you can rest assured that your home's heating system is in good hands. Get your home's heating system ready for winter with Superior Air Services.

Signs Your Furnace and Heating System Need Repairs

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Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it may be time to call Superior Air Services for an inspection. Our experienced technicians can help you determine if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. We will provide you with the best solution for your home and ensure that your furnace is running efficiently and safely. 

Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

If you keep cranking up the thermostat but still find your home is staying cool, it might be time to repair or replace your furnace. Cold air can mean a variety of things; from faulty pilot lights to a leak in the air ducts. Superior Air Services can help you find the problem and offer you the best solution. 

Your Furnace Has a Funny Smell

If your furnace smells dusty or dirty, no matter how many times it operates, it could be coming from your furnace. This should be fixed by cleaning or replacing the air filter. If you still notice the smell, it’s time to call Superior Air Services. Our experienced technicians can help you determine the source of the smell and provide you with the best solution.

Time for Your Furnace’s Annual Inspection?

Here’s What to Expect

Your furnace is a complex piece of HVAC equipment. It contains various mechanisms and moving parts that must function properly to provide lasting comfort. And that’s why your furnace needs an annual inspection to ensure its functioning correctly. Here’s an overview of how our HVAC technicians perform furnace inspections.

Check the Thermostat
A malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most common furnace repairs.
Replace the Air Filters
Even though your Superior Air Technician replaces furnace filters as part of your tune-up, you should also replace air filters throughout the year.
Deep Cleaning Your Heating System
Technicians will clean your furnace’s burners, flame sensors, fans, air registers, and ductwork.
Furnace Performance Testing
One of our HVAC technicians will run a series of performance tests to see if your furnace performs above industry benchmarks.
HVAC Service Recommendations
After locating the source of the problem, the technician will clearly explain your service options.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an invisible and odorless gas. It is often referred to as the "silent killer" because, if left undetected, it can pose a serious threat. Your furnace or heating system could be an unexpected source of carbon monoxide leaks. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to detect and address these potential dangers that could be fatal for you and your family.
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