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Upgrade Your Comfort Today and Save

Join the Comfort Club
for Priority Service and Money-Saving Deals

It's hard to predict when your HVAC equipment, including boilers, heaters, and air conditioning units, will require urgent repair or full replacement. However, one thing is certain - professional servicing will be needed in the near future. To stay proactive and reduce your upcoming HVAC expenses, consider becoming a member of Superior Air's Comfort Club. By becoming a member of the Comfort Club, you can enjoy exclusive offers on installation and repair services.


Plus, as a member, you get priority scheduling and 24/7 emergency service. Are you ready to experience all the benefits that come with being a member? Sign up today and start saving! Contact us now to learn more about how Superior Air’s Comfort Club membership will save you money and increase your heating and cooling system longevity. 

Save Money on Your Utility Bills

Being a part of the Comfort Club entitles you to receive regular annual spring and fall Safety Checks and Precision Tune-Ups. These services play a vital role in enhancing efficiency and extending the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.

priority service when you need it most

We pride ourselves on providing low wait times to all our clients. However, for our esteemed Comfort Club members, we go the extra mile. They can expect to receive prompt service within 24 hours of making a call, ensuring that their comfort needs are met in a timely manner, whether it's for emergency or non-emergency situations.

unlock exclusive Money-Saving Special Offers

As a member of the Comfort Club, you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as special offers, exclusive discounts and priority services that are not available to other clients to ensure comfort all year round. In addition, you will save  significantly on all HVAC repairs with discounted rates and waived service fees during regular business hours. 

Automatic Money Saving Discounts Exclusively for Comfort Club Members

Save 15% on all heating and cooling repairs and emergency after-hour calls

Earn up to $2,000 in credit for a new system

Waived Service Fee ($79) during regular business hours

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